LOTD #60 Dutchie Clawfoot Mesh Bath


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Simply put… the new Clawfoot Mesh Bath tub from Dutchie is amazing! If you are looking for home decor to spice up your intimate moments in your SL, look no further than Dutchie, this new bathtub comes with an extravagant menu of poses (minus the ugly poseballs- you simply click and sit- ladies first), from Solo bathing to cuddles to the naughtier moments with your loved one. that are all adjustable and it also rezzes candles to give a truly romantic feel. Click below to see more pics  or to find out more about this bathtub visit the Dutchie Blog ;OP

My Skin is Vasean in Springtone from -NIVARO-, and my hair is Solitary Man in brown from Shag.

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LOTD# 59 More from The Men’s Department


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As I mentioned in my last post The Men’s Department has some fantastic non-clothing items this round that are definitely worth checking out, and I wanted to showcase some of them this week. The Santiago House from DECO (pictured below) is one of the items, the siding and shutters can be changed to nearly any color under the sun through the menu, and the window panes also change texture to either glass, screen or completely clear. It’s only 150L at TMD! The mesh rocking chair and table set from Rustica are also available at TMD plus the amazing desk from POST, which is my personal favorite, the textures on it are fantastic and the animations in the desk chair are great for photo ops.

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LOTD #58 A Dark Place


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Good Gawd! If you folks have not checked out the men’s department this round I insist that you do it right nao! There is so much this round that is truly excellent and all of it SO affordable. Ladies I definitely you check it out with your gents as well, there’s some stuff that are non clothing items that you’ll probably still love even if you’re girly girls. I’ll be blogging some of those items in my next post.I wanted to show you this one peice mesh leather outfit from [Pumpkin], I’m very impressed with it, the poses that I used from {.:exposeur:.}, the loafers are from BALACLAVA!!, My eyes are the liquid eyes from ::ID::, and my shape is from Pekka (Ewan shape). All of these items can be found at Round 2 of The Men’s Department. My hair is from Shag – The boy’s no good, and my skin is from Kento.

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LOTD #51 Fantasy Fair 2012


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The Fantasy Faire, a charity event to raise money to fight cancer is starting tomorrow! It doesn’t open to the public until the 21st, but here is the slurl for when it does open. The official Fantasy Faire Blog HERE.

Fantasy Faire Radio on http://fantasyfaire.serverroom.us:5896

MysticHope – Damyel Violet – FF Auction

Boots are from Grasp, Eyes are from Repulse and hair is from Sadistic Hacker and my poses are from SuPOSEdly (mario poses)!


❤ Spence