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One of the things about Narcissus’ Room that I’ve been continually impressed with from the start of the event is the posemakers, every round it seems like the posemakers outdo themselves. It’s not easy finding good poses for blogging or photo taking in sl, and even harder to find poses for guys! It definitely takes a special talent, this round GOLA, Stakey, Juxtapose and UrbanizeD, Urbanized has a created a bench prop with animations for 2 avatars, and Juxtapose has created a pose prop box with 8 different poses (pictured above are 2 of the poses in this prop) along with a set of 5 single poses for the gentlemen. If you’re a blogger or a photographer the 5th round of TNR is not to be missed!

In addition I’m wearing a beanie, one of the best fitting ones I’ve seen in sl I might add, from 22769. And my t-shirt from Blah. Both items come in 4 different color options at The Narcissus’ Room. My shoes are from DEF! (TNR), pants are from RONSEM, tattoo is from Aitui, skin is from Kento(previously blogged).