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Good Gawd! If you folks have not checked out the men’s department this round I insist that you do it right nao! There is so much this round that is truly excellent and all of it SO affordable. Ladies I definitely you check it out with your gents as well, there’s some stuff that are non clothing items that you’ll probably still love even if you’re girly girls. I’ll be blogging some of those items in my next post.I wanted to show you this one peice mesh leather outfit from [Pumpkin], I’m very impressed with it, the poses that I used from {.:exposeur:.}, the loafers are from BALACLAVA!!, My eyes are the liquid eyes from ::ID::, and my shape is from Pekka (Ewan shape). All of these items can be found at Round 2 of The Men’s Department. My hair is from Shag – The boy’s no good, and my skin is from Kento.

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❤ Spence