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Some of my nearest and dearest in sl may have recently picked up on one of my new favorite things to do here. (No, not 7 seas fishing or even sailing!) What I mean is FEWD! Yes that’s right… I am a kitchen MASTER! The particular kitchen I used in this post is from Dutchie and I’ve had it in my skybox for close to a month now. I decided to bake some cookies in it today since Le Bistro, one of my most favorite SL food places, was having a charity event to benefit the fight against kidney disease. The event is going to last through April 1st so you need to hurry up! you also get a 200L gift card with the purchase of these cookies. All the food at Le Bistro is “cook-able” and lets you actually prepare the meals and then sit down with your family and friends to enjoy what you made!

I’m wearing the new skin from Kento called Trent. Hair from Exile. New mesh sweats from KAPONE, tank top is from Zaara, tattoo is from Aitui and shoes from SOREAL.