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I am so excited to be doing my first skin blog, and wow I didn’t realize how much work it would be either to show all six of the different tones that are going to be available in this fantastic, youthful ZOVO skin. ZOVO is going to be opening January 28 (This Saturday) and is brought to us by long time sl designer Ajay Giano. I’ve been a fan of his clothing brand Zoobong for a long time and it was one of the first clothing stores I ever discovered after joining sl, so needless to say I was very excited when I got the opportunity to blog some of his newest creations.

This skin is going to come with many options including four hair base options, brown & black brows, and eight different facial hair options all with either brown or black to be able to match the brows. Due to the numerous combinations that can be made with all the options that will be presented I’m only highlighting the bare skin tones in today’s blog, but over the coming weeks I plan to mix and match some of the facial hairs to show them off a bit more.

Tone 1 (lightest) through Tone 6(darkest) are shown with the black brow options.

Skin: ZOVO

Shape: my own

Hair: Exile Jackson & Dustin in the dark brown packs.

Eyes: Fashism (there are 9 colors free in the group notices currently)

Underwear: Vitamen Ribbed cotton sheer boxers

feet: slink Jolie Pied for Men flat bare feet