Happy New Years SL! I hope everyone has a very safe holiday especially if you’ll be out driving and celebrating for the occasion.

I have a casual winter outfit that I put together a couple of days ago but didn’t get a chance to blog until now. The hat and hair combo is from Dura (you might be noticing Dura is one of my faves for hair + my wifey likes Dura so win-win there). Eyes are from Fashism and I’m also wearing a subtle freckle layer from NANUK My white under shirt is from Arai and if I recall I actually bought it in the mainstore of Dura awhile back (but I believe they’ve recently moved now), the white undershirt looks great on its own and has a prim for the lower body part that I didn’t wear because of the sweater I picked out which is Mesh and was a free group gift sent out to Zoobong VIP members recently. The trousers are from adjunct and I found them on the marketplace after my bestie (a man of wealth and taste) discovered them and bought 2 pairs for himself. Finally my shoes are from Three-eighty and  they’re a somewhat new release, and are mesh and I love them, I wish I could have them in rl to be honest.

Wishing you a very happy new year,

Spencer Christenson